Telecom Consulting & Audit Services

Understanding and controlling communications costs has become a key concern for business executives and telecom managers. It has become increasingly difficult in the face of complex technology choices in today’s business environment. Tech 20 specializes in helping our clients understand their current inventory and costs so that they can plan for the future.

Service Inventory

Understanding costs is directly related to understanding inventory. Tech 20 provides a comprehensive review of your current services by breaking down your carrier invoices and providing a detailed inventory. Once we understand how your configured, we can begin to work on a solution to lower your costs and increase efficiency.

Cost Reduction

There are many products and services available today that can lower cost and increase efficiency. By converting legacy services to cutting edge technologies, Tech 20 can reduce costs and change the way our customers do business.

Bill Consolidation

Tech 20 does a tremendous amount of work in the retail space and many times we discover that our retail clients have more bills than locations. This is due to the addition of services over time and lack of management. We will gather copies of your invoices and consolidate though voice and data aggregators.

Contract Negotiations

One of the first questions we ask during our evaluation process is: What is your contractual obligation with your current providers? This answer will dictate when we can start our process so that we can plan accordingly. Most companies fail to negotiate renewal terms, and it's common to hear that our customers are in “auto-renewal” status. Our approach is to redline those terms during the sales process so that our clients are not locked into additional years when their contract is up.